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Joycee Awosika
SOAR’s Structure Guru

Joycee Awosika is an entrepreneur, energy economist and a natural skincare expert. She has a history of running companies, mainly ORÍKÌ farm to skin and wellness brand that farms all natural ingredients and transforms them into luxurious exportable products using African beauty secrets. Her work has been featured in several global publications including: CNBC, The Huffington Post, Ebony Magazine, The Guardian. She has built a reputation for her expertise in creating structure for homes and businesses and provides SOPs and structure templates through her platform, SOAR is growing into a leading structure and strategy and development consultancy that works closely with small and medium enterprises to proffer the right combination on of strategy solutions across all facets of business to help them build sustainable businesses with high standards.


ORÍKÌ Group is building a global all-natural African personal grooming brand that touches the lives of all across the value chain, including the women and men who gather the nuts, plants and herbs to produce the raw materials. Joycee is an energy economist by training, is also certified in natural skin care and actively leads the research and innovation of the ORÍKÌ brand. ORÍKÌ has received mention and accolades in over 25 media forums and has been listed as one of the African Skincare brands worth knowing about in the Huffington Post as well as being listed as a skincare brand to know about in Ebony Magazine’s Prince Edition.


Prior to building ORÍKÌ full time, she worked for the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development’s (DFID) infrastructure assistance program in Nigeria, the Nigerian Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF) as the Technical Assistant on Research, Analysis and Informatics (Performance Monitoring) to the Honourable Minister of Power for 2 years. In this role she worked on the on-going reform, privatisation and future policy strategy for Nigeria’s power sector during the Presidency of Goodluck Ebele Jonathon. She began her career in the power sector at Constellation Energy, a Fortune 100 company in New York, United States working on energy and commodity pricing and at the age of 23 she started a successful energy brokerage firm focused on the supply of renewable energy, natural gas and electricity across four states in the USA. A few years later she decided to move to Nigeria, having never been before, to pursue her ambition of contributing to the realization of stable and reliable electricity for all.


Subsequent to consulting for the Nigerian Federal Government, she commenced work in Nigeria in the Renewable Energy Research and Development Team at the Nigerian

Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) where she created policies for incentivizing renewable energy investment for the Federal Government of Nigeria. Joycee was a part of the team that developed the renewable energy tariffs that still hold today for investment in Nigeria’s power sector.


As the former Curator of the World Economic Forum Abuja Global Shapers Hub a highly selective group of young people around the world, creating valuable impact in their communities, Joycee led a team comprised of 21 entrepreneurial young leaders, on a number of community initiatives focused on education, youth unemployment and entrepreneurship. She has been selected to attend three World Economic Forum events around the world and has been an invited speaker on leadership, youth development, energy access and energy solutions in emerging countries.


One of the staple initiatives during her tenure as Curator was the development of Employability & Entrepreneurship Workshops, which have reached over 2000 young people in Nigeria thus far. The project aims to tackle youth unemployment in Nigeria by delivering employability skills, entrepreneurship training and jobs. One of Joycee's long term aspirations is to be a mass employer of labour in developing nations and growth markets and she intends to achieve this by utilizing her company  - REDESOL Group ‘Resource and Development Solutions,’- dedicated to making an impact on the Continent by investing in the resource potential across various sectors including energy, commodities and agriculture.


Joycee is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper Alumni, a nominee of The Future Awards Prize in Public Service, 2013 & 2016, selected into the African Leadership Network, a member of the Board of BeiBei Haven (a foundation focused on fertility support), and a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program Fellow. She has spoken at over 75 events and she was also selected as one of Nigeria’s 100 most inspiring women in 2015 and as a 2017 woman of the Year for Her Network.

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