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We create structural, development & strategy solutions to ensure individuals & companies reach their desired next level and achieve success.

We are a structure, strategy and business development firm proffering the right combination of structure and strategy solutions to help individuals and businesses be successful, achieve their goals and stand out.

With our core strength built on structure and strategy, we pride ourselves in being a bespoke custom consultancy helping individuals and companies achieve their own goals through Business & Home Toolkits, Structure Audits, One on One Consultations, Templates, Trainings/Workshops, & Consultancy.

Our tailor made services, have worked for clients across various sectors and not for profits. Our industry experience includes agriculture, beauty, food & nutrition, TV & media, fashion, transportation, logistics and more.

Our services target structure around the key areas that drive business growth including but not limited to operations, business plans & strategy, finance, research, human resources and marketing.

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Suitable for Everyone

Business Structure Kits







Professional Coaches

We utilize our custom in-house strategy toolkit, our approach is not one size fits all.

Our Services

Structure & Documentation

We believe in utilizing structural tools and templates for individuals, homes & businesses for consistency and success

Market Research

How big is your market? Have you analyzed your customers comprehensively? Are you considering a new market?

Business Plans & Development

We have created business plan templates and we create winning business plans as well


Strategies are continuous. Do you have a strategic document to guide your company growth?

Finance &


Need to ascertain why all your revenue isn't reflected in the bank? Need to better manage expenses?


Communication is at the heart of the business. Do people know you exist, are you shining your light?



We operate as your company’s outsourced Chief Structure & Strategy Officer.

We have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses with strucutures and processes to achieve exponential success. We have developed and mastered our unique assessment approach that enables us to review your structural needs objectively.

Although it’s easy to take a black and white approach; we believe, that in the gray areas and in-between the lines, therein may lie the necessary tools to implement and execute your goals.

Our SOP's

Standard Operating Procedures for Roles

Standard Operating Procedures for Processes

Standard Operating Procedure Workbooks and Templates

Business Plan Templates

Finance Tracking Templates

Home Management Tools

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