My Family Saved Me

Years ago, if you had asked me what my purpose was in this life, I would have told you things that weren’t real. I was lost as a young adult; I found myself wandering day to day, just LETTING things happen to me. I did not believe there was a path or plan for me, and I was not asking God for help either. High school and college were tough. I surrounded myself with good times and partying. I refused to find my way, and I refused to seek out the Lord. My mother asked me to attend church with her, but I chose to sleep. Ironically, I stayed in the darkness when I was awake too. I lost out on great opportunities during those years because I would rather party. There was zero growth during this time, and also, there was zero Jesus.

After college, I took a job as a preschool teacher. I still was not speaking to God, I was still partying, and I was still purposeless, with no path. One year, there was a young girl in my class who strongly connected with me from the very first day. The other teachers let me know some of her history, as she and her older brother had been in the school for many years. Her father, Marc, raised them on his own, as their mother had chosen a life of addiction. Their life had not been an easy one. Then one day, I was walking to another classroom, and lightning struck. Not literally, but this was the first moment I laid eyes on the young girl’s dad, Marc. People are skeptical of love at first sight but let me tell you-- it is REAL. I instantly felt peace, and I instantly knew “there he is. There’s your husband.” But now what?! I had a live-in boyfriend, and I couldn’t date a parent! So STILL... rather than turn to the Lord and ask for His help, I chose to ignore the message that I was obviously being sent and continued with my hard-partying life. Time went on, and eventually I left that preschool, and soon after I left my boyfriend too.

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Here's where things get interesting...

The day I left my boyfriend, I was visibly distraught, so a group of friends took me out to a bar. Guess who walked in that same bar, moments after I did? Marc. Of all bars, in the entire city, there he was. We finally were able to have conversation, as he was no longer a parent of one my students, and things were so easy, it was as if I had known him my whole life. We talked for hours that night. My grandmother used to tell me about love, “when you know, you know”, and WOW did we know! We got serious pretty quickly, as we both knew we had found our True Love. During this time, some “friends” of mine tried to tell me that he was not right for me, as I had no children of my own, and was not ready for the burden of being a mother. I am ashamed to say that I considered listening to some of these “friends” because they swore they had my best interests at heart. And that was when God stepped in.

And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it.
— Isaiah 30:21

I had a dream that night, and God PROMISED ME that this was my purpose. 

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I was the one who He had PICKED to be the mother of these children who desperately needed a mother. I was the one who He had PICKED to be the wife of this man who desperately needed to be loved. THIS FAMILY WAS MY PURPOSE.

I woke up with a new outlook. Everything became clear to me, there was no more doubt or fear, and I was so thankful for His message. I paid no mind to my false friends who really just wanted me to come back to the partying lifestyle with them.

For the past 11 years, I have been with a wonderful man, and I’ve been a mother to two wonderful children. I am blessed enough to say that I talk with God every day of my life, and I love my family with my whole entire heart and soul. People like to tell me I “saved” my family, or that I “saved” my children. No way.

They brought me back to God and brought me to my purpose. My family saved ME. 

Shared by Andrea Bennett