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At the age of 13, I started my first business – a babysitters club and shortly after a refreshment-selling platform, a hair styling business for kids and I started tutoring. I’ve always worn multiple hats and have managed to soar through it all. Little did I know, that years later and relocating to another Continent would inspire me to share what has always seemed so natural to me.


I’m a mother to two young boys that are 2 and 1 and I take that job very seriously. They are major reasons why my passion for structure has propelled because they deserve a present mother who prioritizes them.


You want to know what lights me up? Making people feel that they can achieve their goals and that they can do everything that’s important to them. I know all too well how the journey of juggling home and business or home and career can get really lonely and I hope to be a cheerleader and a teacher showing how “you really can do this.” You can manage your home with ease and less of a headache, you can soar in your workplace while juggling extra curricular activities and raising kids, and you can open a business with multiple locations and take a vacation without thinking your hard work will come crashing down.


I promise you, it can be done.

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Entreprenuer. Speaker.

Structure Guru.

Hey There,


I’m Joycee Awosika


I am an entrepreneur, speaker and structure & processes expert with big dreams. I am passionate about helping others infuse structure into their homes and businesses and manage all the demands of their lives efficiently.


My Day job is building a fast growing personal grooming and wellness brand as the Founder of ORÍKÌ Group.


ORIKI is a leading farm to skin and spa brand that has been a part of the development of 6 spas in 4.5 years, reached thousands of consumers around the world through its product range and through the spa situated in Lagos, Nigeria. In addition to building this brand that is democratizing wellness and instilling ‘Skinfidence’ by exporting Africa around the world through its products, I work with SME's and individuals to provide structure, systems and processes as well as Standard Operating Procedures Templates, Trainings & Workshops through my platform – SOAR.

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