Getting on the same side of an issue...

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When in an argument always work to get on the same side of the issue at hand
— Mentor

You know when you hear something that sounds so simplistic but then you repeat it you realize how profound it is? Yea that was me with this piece of advice given above. In fact I think its some of the realest advice I have heard pertaining to marriage. Why? Because arguments are inevitable and these wise words change the persepctive. I mean think about it.... do you know what it me and to stop looking at your partner as the enemy and instead tackle the ISSUE together as a TEAM?

So you've upset your wife and you think she has absolutely no reason to be upset. She claims that you didn't live up to a certain expectation and you think she's being irrational.

Here's what getting on the same side would look like.

  • "Babe [Insert Pet Name] I understand that you wanted me to do XYZ and it didn't happen the way you wanted to. It wasn't my intention to upset you. 
  • How do you suggest I handle this next time, especially if I realize that I may likely not be able to?

You know what you've just done ---- you've disarmed her! Instead of the conversation going through a long battle of should have, would have's and pointing fingers, you've crossed over and stood with her on the issue she has raised. Now you two can put your heads together and discuss how things would be handled differently in the future. 

Why? Because two heads are better than one.