Time is of the essence, so Productivity is Key


Who can relate to being the CMO? CFO? CIO? and CTO? of their company while also being Founder/Chief Executive Officer?!

This is me everyday, and need I say it is OVERWHELMING! It is also not sustainable or wise.

In Q3 of 2017 I decided to be intentional about productivity and achieving company goals by implementing Technology. We changed our POS system, began utilizing company wide communication tools, outsourced the accounting department and I made the implementation of tech a company wide goal requiring my management team a.k.a. 'The Engine Room' to research and suggest tech tools to help them work more efficiently.

After several trials to determine what works best for us, I have a list of apps that myself and the company use daily to make our jobs 10x times  easier & FASTER. I've compiled this list for you with a quick sentence or two about its benefit. This step has been TRANSFORMATIVE

Have you used any of these apps? Are there any others that you love? Please drop a line in the comment section and tell us all what you use. 

Download my handy dandy list below and make efficiency & productivity a priority.