Growth Strategy: Keeping it Real

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The bolder, grander and incredibly ambitious the dream is, the better.

I use to think I was crazy for my big audacious goals and then at other times I didn't think my dream was big enough. It depended on who I was talking to and where I was..

Growing up American we are taught to dream BIG  and that the sky is the limit. Furthermore that "you can do it, if you put your mind into it."

Over the last 6 years of my life  I have been living in Nigeria and I have been more likely to meet doubting Thomases who say it is hard to achieve that big audacious goal "in this part of the world." My response to them - nothing is impossible with GOD + HARDWORK.

As I type this I am actually in my other home, where I grew up, in the DMV area of the USA and I find that a much needed break away from the daily hustle and bustle of Lagos awakens my mind and tugs at my ambitions. Fresh insights pour in and my creative juices flow. Exposure is refreshing and a time of retreat has positive effects.

Right now I am on a journey of GROWTH; personally and in business. Sometimes growth takes pruning and removing the weeds that can easily strangle the life out of an idea or even you. I had a call this past week with a business growth strategist (selected through a business incubator my company participated in). I got off the call with a wide grin on my face because I was reminded that I am NOT crazy,  this goal that drives me to put Africa on the map in the agro-beauty sector is possible and I was floored that the strategist got it effortlessly. 

Needless to say, my growth strategy is in full effect because I have had a moment to step outside of the daily routine and re-assess, clear my mind and strategize.

Will it take hard work? YES. Will I have to sacrifice? YES. Will I feel like giving up some times? POSSIBLY. One thing I promise myself is that owe myself this growth, I deserve it and I will embrace it. Someone out there will be positively inspired by my growth and hopefully compelled to pursue their growth, so I am here for it. 

What are ways you can be intentional about your business growth? Its almost mid-year have you taken a snapshot of where you are to prepare yourself for the half? 

**Note: The growth strategy call focused on non-traditional marketing methods for my company and ways to increase revenue unconventionally*