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Welcome to my humble space and avenue to discuss various topics near and dear to my heart with an overall theme of purpose. Creating this blog is one example of me finally mustering up the courage to do something I know I was intended to do (for a while)  and I know that if you are reading this, you may also face this at times. The truth is, its a process. Together, we can encourage ourselves to slow down, reflect, and seek our purpose.  Whether you’re into personal growth, or intentional living, you’ll find tips, hacks and my findings here at your fingertips.

I believe that when you recognize your purpose, your life takes on a new meaning and you begin to fall in love with your life. I understand you may have doubts, fears and apprehensions along the way but its better to live in purpose than to face regret.  Some people spend their whole lives searching for their purpose for years, search hard because purpose is the essence of life and life becomes clear when you find purpose.

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Through blog posts, emails, and free resources, I want to help you look beyond your fears and see God’s hand at work in your affairs. Whether you’re new to this idea of living a purpose driven life or you've been pursuing it for years. I’m here to encourage you to act with purpose and let your intuition guide you. I hope that this blog pushes you to stop waiting to have it all figured out, to take your dreams in hand and take the steps you need to take to make them become reality. 

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In the blog I tend to focus on specific terrains that I am intentionally living out my purpose in:


I'll also talk about other things that stand out to me in the blog section 'THROUGH MY EYES'. I'm on a purpose driven journey myself, I haven't arrived and I strive towards this everyday. We’re all struggling to find our purpose, and I hope you learn something about yourself by reading my blog – whether it’s something you like, dislike, want to learn more about, or wish other people knew. Everything is a learning process, and we’re on a journey towards a life that is filled with meaningful and blissful times.

Leave a comment, ask a question, talk to other awesome peeps, and find friends who are just like you. I hope we can build a community of people who are striving to fulfill their own purpose and positively impact, empower and inspire others. 

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Hi, I’m Joycee!

A mompreneur wife who has taken many bold steps in her life that have attracted side-eyes and question marks from others but have all been propelled by her journey of purpose. A few of my bold moves include: moving across the ocean to a new country leaving family and friends behind without much thought but a nudge and conviction, resigning from jobs to pursue opportunities that I felt were more aligned with my purpose and starting businesses in line with my passions & purpose. 

I created this blog simply to share (and to fulfill a calling as well).  I would love to hear about your purpose driven journey as well and how the blog inspires you to embrace the journey. Let's learn from one another, as I am also passionate about helping you navigate those moments when you feel overwhelmed, scared or anxious so that you can focus on what truly matters to you. 

On a personal note,  my life is fully submitted to the Will of God. In HIM, I live, move and have my being. I may come across as an extrovert because I truly love people and talk a lot when I am excited, but deep down I'm an introverted nerd who likes reading business and self-development books, creating master plans,  keeping over 50 tabs open on my laptop with mostly researcg,  working out (especially spinning), eating sushi, and spending time with family. Life is all about balance and I dare say it is possible to have it all if you are intentional.

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